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The third Annie Seymour mystery is now available in paperback from NAL Obsidian.

April has hit New Haven, Connecticut, bringing with it something less fragrant than May flowers: An unidentified body in the harbor.

The strange fact that there were bee stings on the floater gives New Haven Herald police reporter Annie Seymour an intriguing excuse to put her profile of the new police chief on hold — although the piece does become a lot more interesting when the subject is gunned down.

And this is only the beginning of a killer expose. As she connects the dots between the John Doe, police chief, and the city’s struggling immigrant population, Annie draws a line between herself and someone who doesn’t want her to learn the truth … or live to report it.

Read the first chapter of "Dead of the Day."

"DEAD OF THE DAY was tightly plotted and written with wonderful expression. The dialogue is fresh while staying true to every character. . . . Olson has a vivid imagination and makes every character and scene come alive."

- Robyn Glazer, iloveamysterynewsletter.com

"Olson brings a journalist's eye for detail and immediacy to this series. You'll want to give yourself an early deadline to read her latest story."

- Richmond Times-Dispatch

"The plotting is tight, the characters are fully drawn and the turns taken are unexpected. . . . Olson has done a superb job in crafting a character with the strength and complexity to carry a mystery series on her shoulders. Dead of the Day is a winner in every way."

- myshelf.com

"An excellent series . . . an entertaining read. Dead of the Day is a fun mystery, with just enough edge to make it sparkle."

- David Montgomery, Chicago Sun-Times

"Dead of the Day . . . amps up the action and the personal drama in the popular mystery series."

- Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post

"Karen E. Olson turned up the heat with her latest novel, Dead of the Day. A roller coaster of a ride."

- Musings of a Bookish Kitty

Dead bodies seem to be popping up everywhere in Dead of the Day . . . It's a complicated story, and Olson does a great job of tying all the threads together without losing readers in the process. Here's hoping Olson has a lot more crime in store for New Haven."

- Debra Hamel, book-blog.com

"Cliffhangers and plot twists make this an absorbing novel . . . Olson's skillful telling of an action-packed storyline makes this book difficult to put down. Four stars."

- Romantic Times

“Karen E. Olson knows this beat like the back of her hand. I really enjoyed ‘Dead of the Day.’”

- Michael Connelly

“Absolutely everything a first-rate crime novel should be.”

- Lee Child

“Like an alchemist, Karen E. Olson blends wildly disparate elements into pure gold. ‘Dead of the Day’ is a delightful dance with the devil - dangerous, dark and romantic.”

- Reed Farrel Coleman
Award winning author of “The James Deans”