Karen E. Olson, winner of the Sara Ann Freed Memorial Award


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The Missing Ink

Tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh inks high-class clientele in her Las Vegas shop, The Painted Lady. And when she's not on the job, she sets her designs on catching killers. . . .

Las Vegas is a rocking place where impersonators of the legendary Rat Pack - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. - are alive and well and performing nightly at clubs all over town. Except they're not all. Alive, that is.

When Brett lends her car to Sylvia Coleman and Bernie Applebaum for a drive-through wedding, she's not expecting to get it back with a dead body in the trunk - much less one who looks like Dean Martin and sports a clip cord from a tattoo machine around his neck.

As for the newlyweds, they vanish before they can start their honeymoon, so Brett and Jeff, Sylvia's son, go undercover as bride and groom to sniff out the rat who seems to be targeting the impersonators. Whatever's going on, it's not amore. . . .

Read the first two chapters of "Driven to Ink."

In the third book of A Tattoo Shop Mystery series, Karen E. Olson continues to satisfy her readers with an edgy mystery based in the liveliest city on earth, Sin City itself! As a former resident of Las Vegas, I can attest to the realism Olson brings to her story - from the grimy back-streets to the never-ending traffic on the strip. And as a fan of tattoos, I can appreciate the realistic descriptions of tattooing that Olson incorporates into the story.

- Sharon Gallagher Chance, Fresh Fiction

A breath of fresh air. 'Driven To Ink' is a fun, high paced mystery that will keep you interested from start to finish.

- Romance Readers Connection